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Love is Rock Solid

Aloha world! I’m coming to the conclusion that it never gets boring here on Kauai. The mountains are solid and unchanging, but every single day the weather morphs and collides with the giant beastly cliffs revealing their seemingly new personalities. The mountains are like love.The highest level of love. The rock solid, “I’ll never leave you and…


Amazing Kauai

Aloha world! Although most people envision a quiet coconut tree to sit under, perhaps with a Mai Tai, life here on Kauai is pretty hopping! Not too long ago we had our second scare of the season with hurricane Anna. It traveled by us on a Northwest course missing us again as the two previous…


Under the Coconut Tree

Aloha everyone! I just came to a realization at last night’s wedding how wonderful the coconut tree is. As seen by one of the images I’m posting, we went to hide from the sun which at that time of day was intense. I soon realized that this might of been where Adam kissed Eve. Check…


Reflections of Summer

Aloha from Kauai. The oldest of the islands, the greenest and most remote. Kauai has the most rainfall of any place in the World. It has the most beautiful coastline ever and if your standing at the Kilauea Lighthouse, the next adjoining point of land is the farthest distance of any Island in the world.…


Working Together

Aloha everyone. I wanted to share my recent experience with a beautiful site here on Kauai. It’s called Smiths Tropical Paradise & Gardens. They have a motorboat service up the Wailua river along with Luaus in their beautiful gardens. Plus they are a beautiful wedding site; both in the Fern Grotto and also in the…


Where to Have Your Wedding

Kauai has some of the most magical locations anywhere in the world — lush gardens and pristine beaches right out of the movies. So, one of the first decisions and maybe hardest decisions you must make during the planning process is where to have your wedding. There are two basic types of locations to have…